Thursday, 8 April 2010


Omg! apparantely tegoshi's blonde girlfriend went with him to his movie premiere, heartbroken but excited lol!

Monday, 5 April 2010

2nd post

Dear Caterpillars,
I'm studying very hard for my exams in may :O
I dont think im gonna do any good haha
So yeah to make-up.
Im in love with the urban decay eye primer. i heard reviews on it but didnt think i needed it but when i got it ... i was AMAZED. It really works and keeps your eyeshadow stay on for the whole day. So yeah.. a big RECOMMENDO from the one and only caterpillar poo.
And also ive been stalking hair.
Really, i am in love with asian hairstyles. Not Indian asian - japanese, chinese etc ASIAN.
Here's an example of why I love their hair :D
I mean isnt her hair like... amazing. ? Oh here's another one xDTat picture is from oneasia actually i cant remember... but yeah its promoting the outfit (which is pretty darn cute) but .. i guess i liked her hair better..

So yep, back to studying away x)
Byebye to anyone who um.. read this (my loyal caterpillars)